Wedding – Dawn & Keith

Rain could not keep this loving couple from tying the knot…although it did complicate things for the vendors! Luckily it never poured, and the sun came out for the reception at the beautiful location – Monarch Cove Inn, Capitola, CA.

Here’s a small sampling from the day I’d like to share. Click here for my “Photographer’s Top 100” page.

The flower vendor soaks it up…

Dawn takes a pull from the “loose juice” to ease the jitters

Keith eases the tension by giving his best man a well deserved bear hug!

I love this dress shot…it has drama. The dress is patiently awaiting it debut in the sunlight.

Not an award winning photo, but it’s a lesson to all you future flower girls – get changed BEFORE you get your hair done! This girl’s “favorite shirt” had to be cut off…boo hoo!

Nothing accelerates drying deoderant than a good puff from the bride!

Proud papa protects Dawn from the misting rain right before the ceremony.

At Monarch Cove Inn it almost goes without saying you’ll let some butterflies loose at some point 🙂

The happy couple, together at last.

If you don’t like the food, just say so!

Now that’s dancing!

Precious moment…

I’m gonna eat your foot!

Not only are bubbles fun, they’re really neat to look at!

Nearby Capitola Beach

And lastly, I love the color in this shot.

Thanks for looking!

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