Wedding: Jon & Dara Stapleton

Jon and Dara are a wonderful couple, and it was obvious from the first time I met them that they are truly, deeply in love. They have a casual intimacy about them that puts them at ease in front of the camera. We had a great time with the engagement session at Baker’s Beach in San Francisco, and after such a successful outing I knew the wedding day was going to be spectacular. The church in Portola Valley has a spectacular backdrop for the ceremony, and everyone was in high spirits. Oh, and did I mention we even had the opportunity to use Santa Claus as an “extra” during our groomsmen formals??? Click here if you’d like to see my “Photographer’s Top 100” gallery.

Dad observes Dara getting made up.

As we were walking around the church grounds looking for a place to take pictures, the jungle gym seemed a natural location for a bunch of guys! This could be a band publicity photo if you think about it…

Jon Stapleton, head groom.

Dara’s son prepares for his big job as ringbearer.

What an amazing forested backdrop for the ceremony!

Jon & Dara’s playful personalities show through in this photo.

No peeking!!

Not sure what decision is being pondered, but there’s definitely some thinking going on here.

This guy is a ham for the cam…what a goofball!

Happiness, being one with the moment, captured forever.

Jon playing with makeup? That foundation isn’t workin for ya buddy.

Another timeless moment captured. One of my favorites.

Those kids can dance! Check out the hover move!

It’s always nice to put the rings in a different context. I know the flowers are kind of cliche but it works here.

Rhonda White, one of the bridesmaids, is so full of life in this photo [and many others]. Tragically, she was the victim of a senseless highway shooting on 4/4/08 [almost exactly four months after this picture was taken]. She will be missed dearly.

Yes dear, I’m coming!

Perfect end to the perfect day. See more photos here.

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