C’mon, Your Mom Deserves an Omelet

Josiah’s latest installment in The Wave Magazine is a “how to” picture-story describing the making of the perfect “1 minute” french-style omelet that you can treat your dearly beloved to this Mother’s Day. Here’s a few pics from the whole session.

Eggs, arguably the most important ingredient in an omelet. On a side-note, Josiah says his old photo teacher informed him that if one can properly shoot an egg, then you’ve got your lighting technique down. He didn’t elaborate about whether it had to remain in the shell. Well old-teacher-guy, did I receive a passing grade?

Josiah shows off a little for the camera.

The finished omelet, with cheese, asparagus, crab meat and, of course, butter.

This is a quick snapshot of the interior of Sent Sovi in Saratoga, CA. It’s small [intimate!], but the food is prompt and the service is delicious. Or am I just delirious? Time to call it a night.

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