Pampas Churrascaria Prepares to Open in Palo Alto

Pampas, a Brazilian Churrascaria-style restaurant is about to open in Palo Alto. The owners have done an amazing job with the space, creating a high-end atmosphere but intended to be “family-friendly” and casual. They even have portable DVD players to distract their younger customers. For more photos, check out these galleries: interiors, headshots, and details.

Interior showing the bar and lounge area near the Alma-side entrance.

The seating along the sides of the restaurant. The low backlit brick wall creates a nice texture and adds to the tactile ambience.

The raised central seating area. There’s additional seating under this raised area that’s sunk into the ground, but that wasn’t photo-friendly yet.

Side seating with a translucent screen separating from the bar/lounge area.

Side seating shot from the raised central “plateau.”

General ManagerSaeed Amini

Executive Chef John Karbowski

Owners Tim and Masumi Reynders

Masumi Reynders, Owner

Tim Reynders, Owner.

Detail shot of coffeetable

Detail of the amazing lights over the bar

Detail of the screen separating dining from bar/lounge. I love the colors of the Brazilian art showing through.

Unique chairs

Lights over the bar

The “swords” or skewers for the rotisserie

Saeed shows us some skewered meat. Yum!

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  • April 27, 2008 - 11:12 am

    mary jane - The place looks fantastic! I would consider flying in from NY just for the chance to dine there.

    mary jane