Saratoga Shroomin’

Okay, so this title requires a little explanation. Todd Spanier, the locally famous “purveyor of fine mushrooms” and self-titled “King of Mushrooms” works with Sent Sovi’s Josiah Slone on an annual dinner/event centered around, well, mushrooms and fine dining. Josiah created a mouth-watering multi-course meal for all attending, and Todd got up to speak throughout the evening to educate and answer questions about what we were all consuming.

If you don’t care for mushrooms, an hour with Todd will leave you fascinated and eager to try something new. And with Josiah in the kitchen, mushrooms never tasted so good. I took photos throughout the evening covering the event as well as took studio-style photos of each prepared dish plus a bunch of mushroom detail shots. Here’s a few photos from the evening. If you’d like to check out the galleries, follow one of these links: Outside Candids, Plated Dishes, Mushroom Basket Details, Inside Candids, Kitchen Candids.

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