The $10,000 Pasta Machine

Why would anyone need a ten-thousand-dollar machine dedicated simply to kneading dough into varying strips and extrusions? Well apparently it makes the chef’s job way easier. And if you’re the Four Seasons, nothing is too good for Chef Alessandro. He’s a soft-spoken guy, but I’ve never seen him so excited as when he’s wielding the power of this diminutive, yet highly industrial piece of machinery. I had a great time capturing his pasta-making dance with his metal partner.

We also shot some plated dishes, mostly of the end-results created with the 10K machine. It had been a while since I’d taken photos of Quattro restaurant and the patio, so I stole a few snapshots [no tripod, no fancy multi-exposure HDR technique] before the first plated dish snuck out of the kitchen. Also of note, it looks like the Chef started his own herb garden on the patio, perhaps garnering some inspiration from Manresa’s David Kinch and Love Apple Farm?

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