Yelp! The Elites Party.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Palo Alto hosted a recent party for Elite Yelpers, the pro-bono driving force behind the incredibly useful website. Even though I was hired by 4s, I was “just another photographer” at this event where many techno-savvy attendees were sporting their digital rebels, etc. SLRs. Which was fine by me because these are my brethren and helped make blending in easier. It can be tough navigating a social event and remaining relatively inconspicuous with two giant cameras/lenses slung over your shoulders and being all up in peoples’ faces. I took a bunch of photos, but I’m most interested in sharing the very last photo, the money shot if you will. This image, shot well after sundown, was taken hand held (no flash!) at around 1/15 sec exposure. It’s a testament not only to my ninja-like stillness, but definitely shows off the capabilities of the Nikon D3 – the camera that makes “low-light situations” its Little Bitch. I love this camera.

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