Burritozilla 1. Nick Veronin 0.

Went to Iguana’s in downtown San Jose to watch Mitchell’s friend Nick attempt to master the 5+ pound monster that is “Burritozilla.” Nick made a valiant effort, managing a little more than half of the beefy behemoth down his gullet. I was there to point my finger, laugh, and of course document the moment for posterity. Rest of the pics here.

UPDATE 3/12/09: Nick, temporarily enhanced by alcoholic spirits and in a fugue state, finished the Burritozilla at 1am. He is not available for comment.

The Location.

Gettin psyched up, Iguana-style.

It is coming.

A quiet moment of reflection. Perhaps wondering, “why am I here?”

There’s really nothing funny about facing a burrito that weighs as much as a newborn.

Just needs a little salsa…

Making room. Spectators are getting bored with imminent failure approaching.

The end.

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