Dredg, The Band

Mitchell Alan Parker and I met up with local band Dredg today before they leave on tour for Europe. We met them at their new practice studio in Fremont – basically a largish room in an old storage complex. The place was crammed with musical gear and other “stuff,” so I had to try not to knock stuff down while setting my equipment up! I set up an Alien Bee shooting through a white umbrella for the main light (camera left), and added a little harsh kick with a pocketwizard-ed SB-800 camera right, mounted on some “stuff” with the “Justin Spring Clamp.” The nikon speedlight also made some neat cast shadows which added some edge to Dredg.

For the second group of photos I had the guys cram in the hobbit-like entrance to the room. It was overcast/rainy outside, so I just used natural light for the main light. I kept the umbrella firing without moving it to add some back illumination to the room, and I moved the SB-800 about 8′ behind the group of guys, firing towards them at knee-level. You can see the cool effects of the Alien Bee illuminating the colorful walls/ceiling, and the effects of the nikon near their feet from the wet reflection.
I thought this was a cool shot – I told them I was testing the lighting setup, so it was totally candid. Reading a mag, yawning, I couldn’t have tried to get this shot…

This shot shows some of the “stuff”

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