Louis Gossett, Jr. – Interview

The Wave Magazine Editor Mitchell Alan Parker and I met up with Actor Louis Gossett, Jr. today at The Fairmont Hotel in Downtown San Jose. We met in the [dark] lobby and conducted the interview on some comfy couches. The ambient light levels were quite low, but I made do.

Using the Nikon D3 & 85mm/1.4, I shot a few ambient-only pics and a few using an off-camera sb-800 w/ 8″ Honl snoot mounted on a monopod, fired using Nikon’s CLS. The interview was only 12 minutes long, but I was able to get a few decent pics
It was funny because he was concerned that I was shooting into the backlight, but I assured him it would be okay because of the off-cam fill flash. I think he’s got a few years experience in the film industry…

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