Fashionable Gift Cards (Design + Photography)

I love Franco Uomo’s clothing. From an aesthetic standpoint, it’s damn sharp, damn sexy-looking men’s clothing. From a design perspective, it’s colorful, contrasty, and accented in the right places. After our successful fashion shoot at Santana Row a couple weeks ago, Franco and his store manager Angelina came to me with a design challenge. They wanted some gift cards printed up using one of the photos from our shoot, but needed help with the design. I suggested looking into printing multiple gift cards with different photos, so they could be displayed all spread across a table, like a mini portfolio. The other challenge was Franco Uomo’s logo – it’s wide, and we didn’t want to scale it down too much so it became illegible, so I came up with these vertical layouts for the card. Enjoy!

P.S. Angelina, don’t kill me for the “easter egg” photo of you 🙂

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