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Birthday Party Turned Wedding (Ashleigh + Ross)

My last “job” of the year was a birthday party for Tom Liston, the husband of Robin Liston, who I’veView full post »


Holiday Party, Four Seasons-Style

I had a great time hanging out with the Four Seasons crew at their annual end-of-year Holiday party. 2009 wasView full post »


La Choza Day Spa (Interiors)

Angelica McCoy, owner of La Choza Day Spa in San Jose, needed some new interior photos taken for her spa’sView full post »


Pool Hall, Cue Ball (California Billiards)

Shot down this morning to California Billiard Club near El Camino Real and Highway 85 in Mountain View. This place isView full post »


New Year’s Issue (The Wave Magazine Cover)

Alas, I can’t always shoot every cover for the magazine, especially when I’m designing the cover the sameView full post »


Lauren & Branden (Wedding Album)

Beautiful Wedding Rings I’m pretty happy with how Lauren and Branden’s wedding album turned out, especiallyView full post »


Santana Row Posters for Franco Uomo (Men’s Fashion)

Franco asked me to design some posters to advertise his men’s clothing clothing store – the postersView full post »


Jonathan & Dara (Wedding Album)

{Slideshow Hint: Click for Full Screen Presentation} [slidepressView full post »

Sea Bass - Shokolaat, Palo Alto, DSC_9275_web

Nothing Fishy With This Sea Bass

Sea Bass - Shokolaat, Palo Alto I like my Bass as much as the next guy, but Shekoh over at Shokolaat in Palo Alto takesView full post »


The Spider Holster (Review)

I’m not sure why it’s called the Spider Holster, I mean, there’s not 8 of anything, and there’sView full post »


All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front _____

Yup, Kaitlin has officially lost her other top front tooth, just in time for Christmas. Check out the huge gap inView full post »


Not Your Typical Product Shoot (Vaccuum Sputtering Systems)

Technical Engineering Services, based in Santa Cruz, was about to ship off a couple of their latest custom-builtView full post »


Matt Levin, Restauranteur (Portraits)

Matt Levin, owner of The Refuge in San Carlos, stepped outside his restaurant for a few portraits. I love the neonView full post »


Eat, Drink, Be Merry!

Restaurant owners always want to get shots of their establishment when it’s full of people. Photographers tendView full post »


Behind the Scenes in the Kitchen (The Refuge)

I love shooting candids of people, it’s real photography. It’s fleeting, spontaneous, and most of allView full post »


Toasted Buttery Rye Bread, Thick Juicy Pastrami…

Please enjoy these food photos from The Refuge, just don’t lick your computer… Slideshow of my favesView full post »

Glowing Details (The Refuge)

The shot above is a 7-exposure HDR blend, taken just after sunset. The sign says it all: Pastrami & Belgian Beer.View full post »


Beer + Pastrami = Ultimate Man Feast

Matt Levin, Owner of The Refuge, loves Pastrami and Belgian Beer. Who doesn't? San Carlos finally has a Refuge forView full post »


Four Seasons Lights Up Their Christmas Tree

The folks at Four Seasons, East Palo Alto know how to throw a tree-lighting party. The place was swarming withView full post »


Holiday Cheer at The Grill (interiors)

My good friend John Price asked me to take a few shots of their holiday decorations for ye olde corporate office. OfView full post »