Santana Row Posters for Franco Uomo (Men’s Fashion)

2009.12.10.franco.uomo.santana.row.poster02_01_24x27Franco asked me to design some posters to advertise his men’s clothing clothing store – the posters (approximately 24″ x 27″) will be displayed around Santana Row on self-supporting metal stands at strategic locations. I’m leaning towards the single-photo versions as they are more direct and eye-catching to the casual shopper. I kept the design to a minimum so as to not distract from the photos, which should tell the story. I mean, if we have 1,000 words already, why mess it up with more

Here’s some more mockups in the slideshow below. Click it for a full-screen presentation!

[slidepress gallery=’franco-uomo-posters’]

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  • December 14, 2009 - 7:34 am

    Miguel Valenzuela - Chris, as usual, fantastic work. I really like the single photo versions. Their very simple and work really well. Great job. Great job.