Beautifull! New Restaurant (Exteriors/Interiors)

After opening their first San Francisco restaurant in 2009 (see photos here), Beautifull! wasted no time in opening their second SF location this week. They claim to offer “The best prepared fresh food in the world,” and having sampled the goods I won’t debate that statement. Alas, the food will show up in a separate blog post, so I’ll keep this entry focused on the architectural aspect of the shoot. The new location (on Irvine Street) lacks the high ceilings and bountiful natural light of the other location, but I did my best to capture the essence of the space. HDR and small fill strobes helped make for some decent photos. Enjoy the slideshow below, all hi-res printable photos are here.

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[slidepress gallery=’beautifull-interiors-and-exteriors’]

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