Gods & Goddesses (Party Pics)

Okay, so my parents didn’t have the wherewithal to throw me a raging party like this when I turned 18 – but hey, I don’t think I could’ve appreciated it at the time anyways. This group of 200+ high school seniors dressed up as Roman Gods and Goddesses – and the entertainment was endless at Illusions in Palo Alto:

1) Killer DJ

2) Roman Tent with round bed and twin dancers

3) Performance by Bay Area Rapper E-40

4) Giant “Cake” with a Girl Jumping out and… dancing

The list goes on, but needless to say everyone had a great time, and the photos should show it. Check all 500+ printable photos here.

Hint: Click Slideshow Below for Full Screen Presentation

[slidepress gallery=’gods-and-goddesses’]

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