More Shots. Of Heads. (Staff Portraits)

I’ll be honest – shooting formal headshots isn’t my cup of tea. Most people suffer through the process – they don’t really want to do it. All those self-conscious, I’m-not-pretty-enough feelings surface and act as a barrier between the subject and the camera. It’s my job as the photographer to attempt to break down those walls of insecurity, loosen up the subject, set them at ease. I try – I really do – to find the spark inhabiting every individual – because if I can capture that, then the person’s true essence is revealed – and it’s beautiful. Now this whole process would be much easier if we had half an hour to relax, get to know each other, maybe do some shots – but the real world often imposes “limitations” to this “behavior” (or so I’m told). Maybe I’ll try that next time…

Hi-res print-ready shots of all pics from the shoot here.

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