Co-Branded Movie Slide (Design)

It’s nice that movie slides are (for the most part) digital these days. It makes it easier to update without having to fuss with all that film. The real challenge is making the ad’s message simple/clear enough for the average popcorn-munching, soda-slurping, waiting-for-the-movie-to-start moviegoer to, well, digest. Advertising is a necessary evil, and a captive audience is every advertiser’s dream; so it’s only natural that the masses attending our nation’s theaters will watch a few of these ads.

Here’s a nice little co-branded design I came up with to promote both The Wave Magazine and its partnership with Live Nation’s concert giveaways. Is it simple enough? Probably not – but as designers we have to simply do our best.

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  • March 3, 2010 - 4:04 pm

    Miguel Valenzuela - I really like the cover you chose for this ad. Really grabs my attention.
    The only thing about the concert tickets ad was that my eye went straight to the words “Dave Mathews” and completely ignored the “Text Now”. It wasn’t till I looked around that I notice the words “Text Now”
    I wonder if a more direct, in red would have commanded me to text better than what’s there.
    The other thing I’d be concerned about is the concept of entering to win. I’ve seen this before and it makes the assumption that I will win if I text. I think it’s more appropriate to say “chance to win”
    Keep up the posts.