Junnoon (New Lounge, Cocktails)

I shot Junnoon in 2008 a couple times. The first time was overall coverage of the place, my typical new-client-gets-a-little-bit-of-everything photography. A couple months later I took a few shots to promote their outside brunch dining area, which is really nice. Fast forward two years, and Priya, the COO, calls me up saying they’ve redesigned the lounge area and need some shots for the PR Firm Wagstaff Worldwide to promote. Having worked with Wagstaff frequently in the past, I knew what they’d be looking for, and also was keenly aware that they’re used to my “several hour” turnaround time for the shots. With an evening shoot set up and those high expectations on my shoulders, I was prepped for a late night!

Even though Priya only needed a few shots of the lounge, I couldn’t sit still and just wait for people to show up. I took a few interiors, some candids of the hostesses, some shots outside, some details here and there, some cocktails… you get the picture. In the end, the shots they needed were probably lost in the middle of a full portfolio of new photos – but hey, when you pay for my services you always get more than you bargained for! Enjoy the photos and slideshow below, click here for all the photos from the shoot.

Enjoy the Slideshow Below, Click for a Full Screen Presentation

[slidepress gallery=’junnoon-new-lounge’]

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