Magazine Cover (Before / After: v10 i06)

What to do when the Sea Otter Classic people don’t have any good press images to use on the cover of your magazine? You look for other sources, of course! My fellow photographer/buddy Sam Fontejon is an avid sports enthusiast, and actually participates in the Sea Otter Classic every year, so I figured using some of his original artwork to depict the upcoming event was more than relevant. Not only does Sam excel at hurtling down mountains at breakneck speeds with astonished, goofy-faced expressions (amazed you made this jump, Sam?), but he’s a fantastic photographer in his own right, and often accompanies me on important shoots.

For this shot, Sam (the subject) set up two off-camera Nikon-SB-900 speedlights, one with a red gel. He used a Nikon D700 with a 50mm/1.4 lens. Sam set up the shot, then sped down the hill for his friend Raymond T. Mah to actually pull the trigger.

Thanks for the shot Sam, it made for a great cover!

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