Mill Rose Inn, HMB (Interiors / Exteriors)

The inn truly shines at night

My wife and I recently stayed at Mill Rose Inn, nestled near downtown Half Moon Bay. It may not boast an ocean view, but once you walk into the secluded gardens, you’re immersed in an oasis of comfort and class. You’ll feel like royalty occupying one of the six unique rooms – the design of each is decidedly antique, but not over the top or gaudy. Eve and Terry, the owners, are at your beck and call, happy to cater to your needs. It was nice to know that the contents of the fridge and liquor on the table were complimentary; we didn’t feel like we were being nickel & dimed. There’s a secluded jacuzzi gazebo that can be reserved; it’s quite romantic, especially with all the twinkling lights adding sparkle to the night. The beds and linens are so comfortable, you won’t be missing your home anytime soon!

Breakfast spared no expense with delicious champagne, fresh fruit, a wonderful banana-orange-juice concoction, the best mexican hot chocolate I’ve ever had, croissants, bacon, and a curious egg dish that defies explanation but delights the tastebuds. There are many nooks throughout the property where I was tempted to curl up with a good book, but alas I was on the clock and had to earn my keep with some photography. I highly recommend visiting Mill Rose Inn for a special experience you won’t forget.

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Renaissance Room

Eve & Terry Baldwin, Mill Rose Inn Owners (and Gracious Hosts!)

Floral boquets from a recent wedding

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