Morton’s the Steakhouse (Interiors Part I)

So I definitely was not prepared for the number of interior photos I’d be shooting for Morton’s the Steakhouse in San Jose. When I assured them it would only take a couple of hours, they hesitated, unsure of whether I was grasping the entirety of their needs. You see, usually I go into a place and shoot every room from different angles + details; but here we did this, but with different variations for each space – and some rooms had wall dividers so of course we had to show all the different combinations… and to top it off I came back the next week (see future post here) to shoot the same thing all over again, but with wedding-themed table settings, flowers, etc. Really it was a TON more work for Morton’s staff since they had to move tables and settings around, constantly trying to keep ahead of me. But in the end, it all worked out great, and their CEO loves the photos so much I’ll be doing the San Francisco location next… and then who knows what’s next?

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[slidepress gallery=’mortons-interiors-i’]

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