Baklava (New Restaurant)

Newly opened in Palo Alto, right off University Ave., Baklava is a welcoming, open sidewalk/patio Mediterranean restaurant specializing in a blend of Turkish and Greek cuisine (and drinks). People may be familiar with a similarly-named restaurant in Mountain View, and this is the newest incarnation of that well-loved location. I met with the owner over two days, and although there was a language barrier, I resorted to simply “doing my thing.” I got a nice blend of details, interiors and nighttime shots with customers present. I got some nice action photos back in the kitchen, as well as intercepting a few dishes headed for customer tables (this is not the way I typically work, but I couldn’t convince the owner to prepare dishes simply to shoot…). Definitely a challenging shoot, but ultimately a successful one, as when the owner saw the photos he was really excited. C’est la vie… Here’s a few of my faves, click here for more!

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