Blue Rock BBQ (Interiors)

Owen and Marie Jobson have done a fantastic job with their first restaurant, Blue Rock BBQ (San Jose). The interior, signage and and identity all indicate a corporate franchise – but alas, this is simply a well executed vision by two entrepreneurs who are passionate about southern cooking and bringing service back to the service industry. In fact, every single time I’ve gone in to Blue Rock to get my pulled pork sandwich and slice of delicious pecan pie, Owen or Marie (or both) are always present. If more small businesses took this hands-on approach to ensuring quality service, perhaps we’d have more success stories on our hands, recession or not.

I’ve gotten to know these guys over the past year, and although we’ve talked about doing a shoot, we never got around to scheduling it. Finally, Owen decided to take it upon himself to hand over a generous stack of gift cards, effectively putting the ball in my court to get something on the books. Needless to say, the shoot commenced to their great satisfaction. Here’s a few for y’all to enjoy 🙂 More to see here.

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