From Alabama to California (Family Portraits)

I got a call from a nice lady from Alabama whose family was coming together to celebrate her 70th birthday by spending the weekend together in a rented beach house in Santa Cruz, California. She wanted a group photo of the whole family on the beach, for which I was much obliged. At 5:30pm I met the family at their house and we all walked down to Twin Lakes beach together. Of course it was packed, so we had to walk down a little further to find a spot near the shore to get some unobstructed photos. Of course as I was warming up for the first shot, the waves decided to come in and soak everyone’s feet! That got me a couple of great candids, though, and we quickly got the main group shot done. I suggested letting the kids play around for a bit so I could capture some more candids, and the kids were eager to play in the surf. I got quite a few good shots, they were all the more fun because the kids were still dressed in their semi-formal attire. Luckily I finished up the shoot without soaking my gear. Here’s a few of my favorites below – all of them can be found here.

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  • July 23, 2010 - 3:41 pm

    Lisa D - These are soo awesome. I bet they loved them!