New Employees at Four Seasons Palo Alto (Headshots / Portraits)

Cassie at Four Seasons over in Palo Alto called me earlier this week as they have some new hires that need some headshots. Most everyone is ambivalent to loathsome when it comes to getting their picture taken, so I try to make it quick, painless, and maybe even a little fun. I’m not a comedian, but I like to talk to people and love the challenge of getting people to open up. There’s almost always an opportunity to capture their true selves – if I’m on top of my game, and have my trigger finger ready. Here’s a few of my favorites from the quick shoot this afternoon of Claudio Villani (Wine Director), Chef Edward Higgins (Chef de Cuisine) and Rich Poskanzer (Assistant Director of Food and Beverage). Click here for all the pics.

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