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Michael + Cindy (Portraits)

Michael lives and works here in the U.S., but he maintains a long distance relationship with his girlfriend, Cindy.View full post »


Hollie + James + (Family) Dog

Hollie and James have been married a couple years, and they just had their first baby. OK, so it’s a large puppyView full post »


Manuel Romero (Musician Portraits)

Manuel Romero gives a solid first impression as a striking-looking young dude, and then he picks up his guitar andView full post »


Sandra + Dave = Ryan & Christian (Family Portraits)

I met the “Smiths” (preserving some modicum of anonymity here…) at Wilder Ranch, located about 5View full post »


The Day-Schell Family

After an extremely wet Santa Cruz weekend, I was dubious about this morning’s 9am session with the Day family.View full post »


Elizabeth + Pat (Eloped)

Elizabeth booked my services just a couple weeks before her wedding day. There were only a few people attending (Mom,View full post »


Sunny Cove Beachhouse (Homes)

There’s no shortage of rental properties in Santa Cruz, and those with an ocean view are the most attractive toView full post »


Global Supply Chain Review (Networking Event)

I met Sergio Retamal a year and change ago, he publishes a magazine called Global Supply Chain Review and owns his ownView full post »


Photo of the Day (PotD) – Night in the City

PotD: 2010.10.21 Date Taken: 2010.10.18 Photo Specs: Nikon D3 + 24mm/1.4 lens @ 1.4, 1/200 sec, ISO 1400 LightingView full post »


The Bakers (Family Portraits)

Today I met Nicole and Joey Baker and their adorable little girls Mackenzie (lil’) and Madison (lil’View full post »


Photo of the Day (PotD) – Bouquet Meets Bokeh

PotD: 2010.10.19 Date Taken: 2010.04.30 Photo Specs: Nikon D3 + 85mm/1.4 lens, 1/250 sec, f/4, ISO 1600 Lighting Specs:View full post »


PotD (Photo of the Day) – Gods and Goddesses

PotD: 2010.10.18 Date Taken: 2010.01.30 Photo Specs: Nikon D700 + 28-70/2.8 lens @ 70mm, 1/30 sec, f/6.3, ISOView full post »


Shane + Linda (Wedding)

I briefly met Shane and Linda last year at the local Starbucks for our “do we want to work together”View full post »


Flores Family Portraits

The Flores family wanted to shoot at a beach near their house, so we decided upon Rio Del Mar / Seacliff. We parked atView full post »


Wan Family Portraits

Alice Wan called me up to get some photos of her brother who came up from LA and parents, who just arrived from HongView full post »


Photo of the Day (PotD) – A Splash of Cream

PotD: 2010.10.15 Date Taken: 2010.03.11 Photo Specs: Nikon D3 + 60mm/2.8 lens, 1/800 sec, f/8, ISO 500 Lighting Specs:View full post »


Photo of the Day (PotD) – Farquhar Family

PotD: 2010.10.14 Date Taken: 2010.03.14 Photo Specs: Nikon D700 + 28-70/2.8 lens @ 52mm, 1/640 sec, f/5.6, ISOView full post »


PotD (Photo of the Day) – Painting Nature with Light

PotD: 2010.10.13 Date Taken: 2010.07.05 Photo Specs: Nikon D700 + 28-70/2.8 lens @ 50mm, 30 sec, f/8,  ISO 1000, noView full post »


PotD (Photo of the Day) – HDR Ferrari

PotD: 2010.10.12 Date Taken: 2010.02.11 Photo Specs: Nikon D3 + 28-70/2.8 lens @ 30mm, f/7.1,  ISO 200, no flash,View full post »


Elizabeth (Portrait)

I met Elizabeth at Natural Bridges this evening to shoot some portraits for her personal use. She’s anView full post »


PotD (Photo of the Day) – Conrad Family

PotD: 2010.10.11 Date Taken: 2009.11.01 Photo Specs: Nikon D3 + 28-70/2.8 lens @ 45mm, f/3.5,  ISO 220, no flash WhyView full post »


Nici + Dalas (Wedding)

Nici (“Nikee”) and Dalas (“Dallas”) are one of those couples that are just meant to beView full post »


Rocio, Sebastian and Aiden (Family Portraits)

Rocio, Sebastian and 18mo Aiden are residents of Capitola, so it made sense to get some professional family portraitsView full post »


San Jose City Hall (Architecture)

The city of San Jose hired me to get a professional photo of the new-ish city hall. It’s a beautiful structure,View full post »