Elizabeth + Pat (Eloped)

Elizabeth booked my services just a couple weeks before her wedding day. There were only a few people attending (Mom, Dad, Sis, Kids) so it was an incredibly intimate affair. Of course Pacific Grove decided to rain that day – and rain it did – pretty much continuously. But it was light showers, not the drenching, camera-equipment-destroying-downpour that would have changed things dramatically. But it was wet enough for me to keep my off-camera flash gear in the limo as I really didn’t want to fry that stuff. I love bringing light into my shots, but we managed with good ol’ natural/available light.

Because of the rain, the first-choice spot for the ceremony on the beach got nixed. Luckily Plan B involved a water-resistant gazebo a stone’s throw away. The coolest thing was how everyone was just giddy with excitement over the joining of Pat and Elizabeth – the rain was barely on the emotional radar. Yes, we were all soaking wet, but we didn’t care! We spent a lot of time taking B+G and family photos on the beach at Lover’s Point, really wanting to just extend each moment. Back at the house we turned on the Giants game, popped open some champagne and enjoyed the caterer’s fresh appetizers coming out of the kitchen.

From beginning to end I was with this family for only three hours, but I shared the best hours of one of the best days in their lives, and for that I am humbled and grateful. Congrats guys.

Here’s my favorite photos from the event, there’s 469 photos in total to check out at my proofing site, www.GoodEyePhotography.com

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