PotD (Photo of the Day) – Conrad Family

PotD: 2010.10.11

Date Taken: 2009.11.01

Photo Specs: Nikon D3 + 28-70/2.8 lens @ 45mm, f/3.5,  ISO 220, no flash

Why it’s cool & how I got it: Sometimes photography is all about changing perspective. Whether it’s crouching down low to shoot a newly-crawling baby to see life from their point of view, or taking a ride in a helicopter to get the bird’s eye view, it’s our job as photographers to “see” differently than everyone else.

I had this great family session with Jason and Madelyn Conrad a couple years ago in Sunol, and I remember this shot distinctly because of the effort it took for me to climb the vine-infested metal lattice structure in order to be able to shoot straight down. I was driven by the shot, the vision, in my head much more so than concern for my own personal safety, so I single-mindedly put in the effort necessary to make it happen. I think it paid off as I captured this wonderful candid moment of the whole Conrad family splayed out on the picnic table. If you like it, leave a comment!

Conrad Family candid photo from above - Santa Cruz Professional Family Photography - Sunol, CA - by Chris Schmauch, GoodEye Photography + Design

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