Photo of the Day (PotD) – Farquhar Family

PotD: 2010.10.14

Date Taken: 2010.03.14

Photo Specs: Nikon D700 + 28-70/2.8 lens @ 52mm, 1/640 sec, f/5.6, ISO 400

Lighting Specs: This is a two-light setup, the first being the sun (ha!) coming in from the right/rear. The key light, or main light, is coming from four Nikon SB-800 speedlights shooting through a 30″ softbox mounted on a lightstand camera-left. The lights are triggered optically from another SB-800 on-camera.

Why it’s cool & how I got it: There’s a couple things I love about this shot – first, the lighting IMO is perfect. It’s soft and natural, like you’d get in a studio environment – but we’re next to a creek in the woods! The second thing I love is the subjects are totally at ease, comfortable and happy. The pose is interesting, the grass in the foreground and background add depth to the composition – and the quality of light adds some mystery and interest without being distracting. Your eye clearly keeps coming back to the subjects, which all command equal interest, yet the varying heights keeps the photo from looking too linear or structured. Like the natural setting, the composition is natural and organic. Oh, and they’re a great-looking family aren’t they? Click here to see more photos of the Farquhars.

Interesting Side-Note: The original purpose of this shoot was to get a portrait of Wayne to use for his first book, a police thriller titled Blood Over Badge. I haven’t read it yet, but it sounds like my kind of novel, and Wayne’s 28 years with the San Jose Police Department leads me to believe this book has an extra layer of realism that’s sure to grab the reader and keep things intense from cover to cover!

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