Karen + Jack (Anniversary)

Although this looks more like an engagement shoot, this was actually a celebration of Jack and Karen’s third wedding anniversary! Usually I don’t see a whole lot between newly married couples and those celebrating their 50th anniversaries, so it was a treat to see someone celebrating in-between, just for the heck of it. Karen surprised her hubby with the shoot, and it resulted in their most memorable anniversary yet.

We met at the Capitola Wharf just as the sun was setting over the western cliffs. Karen had brought along her sister to help with makeup, hair, and fantastically superhero-speedy wardrobe changes. We spent most of our time exploring different areas of the beach, but we certainly didn’t ignore the colorful houses lining the beach that are basically a Capitola icon. When Karen showed up with her fancy high heels, I tentatively asked if she planned on wearing those on the beach – but five minutes later they were both soaked with water up to their knees and having a blast!

After going through all the photos, I was amazed that we captured everything in under an hour. I was working quickly as the ambient light was fading fast, but at the 45 minute mark I swear we’d been going at it for two hours! I’m glad we were able to get such a variety of locations, poses and lighting setups done in that time. Here’s some of my favorites from the shoot below, and if you’re eager for more, peep all 115 edited photos from the shoot at my proofing site, www.GoodEyePhotography.com.

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