Nici + Dalas (Wedding)

Nici (“Nikee”) and Dalas (“Dallas”) are one of those couples that are just meant to be together. They’re laid back, funky and ironic in a cool way. We met at beautiful Highlands Park up in Ben Lomond; for those of you not familiar with the area, this is in the Santa Cruz Mountains past Scotts Valley and Felton, right off Highway 9. The last time I visited was 2003, attending a friend’s wedding. I think I took pictures with a point and shoot back then. My how times have changed! The house at this venue is neat – historical, I’m sure – and pretty much empty so there wasn’t a bunch of clutter to mess with the photography. I especially like the “getting ready” photos for this reason – very clean and simple, with nice natural light from outside.

Both Nici and Dalas’ families were fantastic, especially the “moms” – very accommodating and Nici’s Mom Kim really helped me power through our formal shot list, allowing me to focus more on photography and less on the human round-up game. Most of the afternoon was spent outside which is great – the sun was really hot during the ceremony, so I felt for the groom and his men in their suit jackets, but soon we transitioned to the reception and the sun dipped behind the grove of trees providing a glowing green backdrop for a beautiful evening. The dancing was crazy and everyone saw the newlyweds off with tossed glowsticks. It was lovely, unique, and memorable.

OK, so there’s too many photos in this slideshow. I always have a hard time narrowing them down – I can only imagine how my clients feel when trying to pick their favorites. If you’d like to check out the 1,000+ edited photos from Nici and Dalas’ wedding, mosey on over to my proofing site, If you like what you see, drop a comment below!

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