Eleanor + Jeff = Romio > Gloria > Domonic (Family Photography)

I’ve been friends with Jeff and Eleanor since freshman year in college. Eleanor was one of my art major friends, and Jeff was one of my engineering major friends. It’s pretty cool that those two circles eventually merged to create this wonderful, dynamic family. They have three fantastic kids, and I really enjoyed spending some time with them. Romio has oodles of personality, and is curious about everything – I let him help me assemble my camera and lighting equipment, and he thanked me with all kinds of dramatic poses and faces.

We explored Natural Bridges this morning – and even though I’ve shot here a lot recently, no two shoots are alike. People make the process dynamic, personal, and individual – and I creatively roll with each session, never having a preconceived plan of attack in my mind. With kids, you can’t force a pose or expect them to stay still for long – so as a photographer you have to be willing to let an idea go, take frequent quick breaks for the kids to run around, and never ever get frustrated. It’s all the unplanned photos, the moments between posed shots, that the magic really happens – you just have to let it emerge on its own and be ready to capture it.

Unfortunately I couldn’t spend more time with my old friends, and they had to head back to Southern California. But I was able to preserve the moments we had together with ye olde camera, and I hope that they cherish the results for years to come.

My favorite photos from the session are below, you can check out all 112 edited photos at my proofing site, www.GoodEyePhotography.com. Leave a comment below!

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