Meg + Ryan = Jack > Sophia (Family Photography)

I can kind-of credit Meg and Ryan with being responsible for my transition from photo-enthusiast to paid-professional. I was a guest at their wedding in 2005, and I took some photos of the event with my first dSLR, the Nikon D70. It turns out they liked those photos more than those of their hired wedding photographer – and encouraged me to think about doing it professionally.

Fast forward five years – and not only have I gone pro with photography, but I’ve made it my full-time profession! After shooting a maternity session with Meg back in June, baby Sophia had finally arrived and was ready for her moment in the spotlight – or softbox, as it were. I ventured up to Petaluma for our family portrait session, where I scoped out their house for places to shoot. Nothing spoke to me, so I asked about nearby parks – so McNeary Park it was! There were tons of fallen leaves, and the weather was sunny and gorgeous, so we spent an hour or so trying to capture the moments in time. Jack was a little shy, and Sophia was a little cranky, but we found the in-between moments that will make your heart melt.

Enjoy my favorite photos below, or peruse all 98 photos from our session at my proofing site, If you like what you see, leave a note!

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