San Francisco Shirt Company – Santana Row’s Newest Boutique Clothing Store (Retail Photography)

Franco Uomo’s got a brand new bag – or rather, clothing store – at Santana Row. It’s called San Francisco Shirt Company, and it’s hot. In fact, they’re having a fashion show on December 16, 2010 to celebrate the grand opening of the new store, and I have a few photographs to show you blog readers what this place is all about. Where Franco Uomo is all about menswear, SF Shirt Co. caters more to the better half if you know what I mean. The new store is located directly across from Hotel Valencia, and has light, clean architectural details on the interior and an atmosphere that’s much more inviting than stuffy. The vintage sewing machines tastefully mounted on the wall as well as the logo design give San Francisco Shirt Company an old world, aristocratic feel, but without the pretentious snobbery. But enough from me, check out the photos below or better yet, visit the store yourself and check out the goods. Give Angelina, the store manager, a high five for me.

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