Anna (Senior Portrait Photography)

I will forever remember this photo shoot – not because of the lovely Anna and all the great photos from her Senior Portrait session, but rather for the wicked case of poison oak I acquired during said shoot. I was dressed in a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops (typical Santa Cruz attire, mind you), which was fine for most of the shoot. But we found this cool spot down by a creek in the middle of some tall redwood trees and I wanted to get a long shot of Anna looking contemplative on some rocks by the water. This required me to romp precariously about through the brush lining the creek. I know what poison oak looks like, but as I’ve never succumbed to its evil oils, I don’t pay that close attention. A week after the shoot I’ve considered amputating my left leg, if not for the possibility (or damn near likelihood) of “phantom itching” forever haunting me. It’s terrible, and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worse frenemy. Well…

Back to Anna’s Senior Portrait shoot – Anna is quiet, maybe a little shy, but really quite stunning and easy to photograph. Her mom, Suzanne, assisted throughout the shoot and helped make my job easier. This was really only my 2nd senior portrait session ever, I don’t know why I’ve never tried to get this type of work before – it’s fun! Here’s some of my favorite photos below – if you like you can see all 99 edited photos at

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