Lisa + Michael = Ariel > Aster | Bronte (Family Photography)

I met Lisa, Michael, Ariel and the Dynamic Duo – twins Aster and Bronte for their family portrait session at University Terrace Park (on Meder St.), Santa Cruz, California. These photo shoots last anywhere from one to two hours, it really just depends on how long the kids can stand it. I break frequently, and we walk around a lot which helps offload extra energy, but it never really seems like enough. The only thing to do is channel that energy into lovely, spontaneous photos. I try not to have too many canned ideas in my head before a shoot, choosing rather to simply roll with it. It’s a dynamic, fluid situation and the clever photographer adapts to it second by second.

Lisa and Michael are incredibly patient with their daughters, which really helped keep the shoot fun and lighthearted. Some parents get stressed out by their littles, but this shoot was nothing but good times (until I had Ariel stand behind a plant which cut her finger when I asked her to touch it… sorry Ariel!!!). Not all my shoots end in blood, but we were pretty much wrapping up when Ariel’s finger got sliced up, the poor sweetie.

Here’s more than a few of my favorites below (I have a hard time narrowing it down, can you tell?), if you’re up for it you can see all 142 edited photos from the family photo session at Feel free to leave a comment below, it’s super easy, especially if you’re logged into Facebook!

I bet it’s been a while since you’ve had professional family photos taken. The time to book is yesterday. Call Chris, Santa-Cruz-Family-Photographer-Extraordinaire at (831) 216-6210

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