Shannon + Aaron (Couple Photography)

Not every couple I photograph is engaged or getting married – many are celebrating their Xth anniversaries, which I think is so cool! Ok, so maybe sometimes the guys are like “I’d rather be at home watching football, but my wife made me come here,” but by the end of the session even the reluctant husbands are digging the shoots. I’m speaking in general terms here, not specifically about Aaron – he was a good sport (even though I said “don’t wear black,” he came with black jeans and black shirt haha). I can work with anything and anyone, but most of my clients are surprisingly cool, laid back and take direction well. I try not to abuse my power, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try my best to get all artsy and creative. Because if you love photography (as I do), it should be a creative outlet for all that pent up energy and passion brewing in your soul.

Enough of that, let’s check out some photos from Shannon and Aaron’s 6th wedding anniversary photo shoot. We did it at Lighthouse field and an unnamed beach off West Cliff Drive. If you like these pics, leave a comment – for Aaron and Shannon’s enjoyment of course. If these aren’t enough to get you excited, there’s 55 edited photos to check out at my proofing website,

When was the last time you and your significant other had professional photos taken?
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