Christy Evans, Yoga Teacher (Portrait Photography)

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Christy Evans, a recent SoCal refugee looking to ply her Yoga trade up in these northern parts, more specifically downtown Campbell, California at aptly named The Yoga Studio. Christy is spunky, vivacious, cute, and talented – and I learned all that in the first five minutes. Her goal was to get some professional photos of herself in different yoga poses to use for her website, as well as headshots to use for wherever she happens to be working. We went for a clean, bright approach to lighting and styling the photos without any props to clutter the scene. I think they came out pretty well, but judge for yourself! Here’s a selection of my favorites below (not necessarily Christy’s faves, mind you!). There’s 66 edited photos to check out at, if you like.

Chris does yoga, photographs yoga, and sometimes meditates in tree pose.
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