Fahrenheit Lounge and Restaurant (Food Photography)

Fahrenheit Restaurant and Lounge, located on the corner of San Fernando and 3rd in San Jose, is truly one of downtown’s secret gems. It’s known for its nightlife, but not so much for the fantastic gourmet food they produce. Christopher Graves takes food creation seriously, and I’m here to prove it. We shot a bunch of his as-yet-to-grace-the-menu dishes today, and man do they look good! I only sampled the ribs and flower salad, but they all looked fantastic, and I’ve never had a bad experience eating here. Owners Danny and Eric know how to find talent – both behind the bar and in the kitchen. If you haven’t considered Fahrenheit for lunch or dinner, do so now. Look at the beautiful dishes below, or mosey on over to www.GoodEyePhotography.com to feast your eyeballs on all 128 edited photos.

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