Celeste (Portrait Photography)

This kinda came off like a senior portrait session, although Celeste is almost one year into college. But the approach was the same – take great photos to show off an individual’s inner and outer beauty. I met Celeste and her mom, fresh from the salon, in downtown Capitola. Of course the weather was cloudy and kinda rainy, but we braved through it with grins on our faces. We had to run for shelter a couple times, and the fresh from the salon look was, well, a little watered-down, but we managed just fine. From the colorful walls to the texture-rich pier, we had plenty of options for places to shoot. I think I embarrassed Celeste by starting out shooting in such a “public” manner on the sidewalk, but she either got over it quickly, or was good at pretending!

Here’s a few of my favorites from the session, there’s a bunch more to check out at www.GoodEyePhotography.com.

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