Lynda + Marquino (Wedding Photography) St. Christopher’s Church, San Jose

Four years ago I shot one of Lynda’s coworker’s weddings, then another, and then another… So by the time Lynda needed a wedding photographer of her own, it was practically a foregone conclusion that she’d be seeking out my services. No pressure on my end, I was excited about the succession of beautiful brides coming from one workplace!

I met up with Lynda and her bridesmaids at The Fairmont Hotel, San Jose – a location I’m quite familiar with. I love this part of the day as the pace is slow, and I get a chance to get to know the core part of the family and friends involved in the wedding. Lynda was flawless in her beautiful gown, it was a joy to artfully capture her before heading off to St. Christopher’s church, where Marquino was nervously waiting with his best man.

With the vast majority of the guests joining up at the reception, the Catholic mass was shorter than I’m used to, but still beautiful and moving. Afterwards, we took a short trip to a nearby park for some inspired B+G formals. I promise I found the “Love” written on the pole, I try not to tag public property as a general rule. Found art is, well, found – and therefore acceptable.

The rest of the night built momentum – speeches, dancing, food, and of course – drinking. It peaked with one guest proposing to his girlfriend on the dance floor; Lynda and Marquino knew it was coming, so it was well within the boundaries of wedding etiquette. I had a lovely time with everyone, and am very excited to share my favorite photos from the event below. If you’d like to see more, click on through to Enjoy, and leave a comment!

Think these wedding photos @ St. Christopher’s and Morgan Hill Community Center are pretty good?
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