Anne + Jason (Wedding Photography: Carneros Inn / Truchard Winery, Napa, California)

Anne and Jason are from Florida and Montana, and decided to have an incredibly intimate destination wedding at Carneros Inn, Napa, California. You’d think early June would be a shoe-in for fantastic, sunny weather, but 2011 has been a year of change, and mother nature was throwing us all for a loop. It poured on my way up to Napa, and I was brainstorming how to make the weather work in our favor. I found Anne in good spirits as she was getting ready in her beautiful cottage. With only the immediate parents on both sides attending, there wasn’t all the extra fuss that comes with a large bridal party and hundreds of guests. It’s always special to be involved in such intimate affairs, and my short time with Anne and Jason was no exception.

We held the ceremony in the lobby of Carneros Inn, then went outside for some formals against the stormy backdrop of Napa Valley. I swear it stopped raining at all the right times, giving us some truly epic scenery to photograph against. After a few family photos, we drove to nearby Truchard Winery, which has an amazing setting – the vineyard on the side of the hill, the deep cellar with wine barrels and neat chandeliers, and a neat old house and barn – and you can’t forget The Goat that only wanted a few bites of Anne’s bouquet. Those photos alone made the long trip worthwhile.

Anne and Jason are a truly special couple, and it was an honor to spend a few precious hours with them and their family. They helped me make some of my best wedding imagery to date, and for that I’m extremely grateful! Here’s my favorite 150 photos in the slideshow below, set to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros “Home.” Enjoy, and leave a comment if you like what you see.

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