New Dishes @ Pasta Pomodoro (Bay Area Food Photography)

“They” say food is the hardest thing to shoot. Well I guess “they” never had to deal with screaming toddlers and stressed out parents during a photo session! I suppose if my client was a fast food joint and the food they serve looks decidedly less erect than shown in marketing materials, then yeah, I can see how that would be really hard. But I believe photography is about truth, and that a business should a) be honest in portraying their product to consumers, and b) avoid using stock imagery in lieu of actual product, and c) strive to produce a product that looks/tastes/performs as well as the marketing material promoting said product.

I’m lucky to be in an area where clients tend to agree with A, B and C – and know the only way to achieve it is to hire a professional. Pasta Pomodoro is a local “chain” (26 restaurants in California), but they truly care about providing good, quality food. My job is to make sure the food looks as good as it tastes, and I love working with chefs to make this happen. Here’s a selection of all the dishes we shot this morning – narrowed down to one shot per dish. Let’s just say I didn’t leave this assignment hungry. Enjoy.

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