Tiia + Justin (Wedding Photography) @ Bargetto Winery, Soquel, California

Back in April I met up with Tiia and Justin for their engagement photos in Nisene Marks forest in Aptos. They were a little shy at first, so I’m really glad were were able to take the time to practice in a low-stress environment, where it was just the three of us without hundreds of onlookers. It was time well-spent, because when I met up with them on the morning of their wedding day, they were filled with excitement – and whether or not they’d get good photos was probably the last concern on their nuptial-addled psyches. The ceremony and reception both took place at Bargetto Winery in Soquel – scroll on for the highlights of the day, the photos I feel best represent the big and little goings-on. If you’d like to peruse all 1,000+ photos, I invite you to visit www.GoodEyePhotography.com.

Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

The getting ready stage is a great time for wedding photographers to capture all the little details – jewelry, shoes, the dress, and anything else that you feel will remind the bride of her big day for years to come. I caught Tiia giving her sassy face, then took her wedding rings out to the grape grinder. She forgives me. Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

There’s that money shot of the wedding rings “stuck” in the rusty iron gears of the grape-grinder-thing. The lighting was a little complicated, but the effort paid off in spades. Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

I love the B&W shot of mom tying up the back of Tiia’s dress. How about those green accents on the guys?  Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

Don’t cry! Think of the makeup! Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

A wonderful candid moment of Tiia and her bridesmaids – the flowers and dresses are just perfect. Tiia relaxes on the ground before the ceremony is set to begin. Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

Proud papa walks Tiia down the aisle. Justin is in awe of this gorgeous dame he’s about to marry. Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

Fun bridal party shots – a little Charlie’s Angels mixed in with a gun show… Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

Aw, my faves – the bride and groom formals. The Bargetto staff kindly gave me carte blanche to explore the bowels of their mechanical kiosks of wine-making miracle machines. Very textural, and mood lighting is key.  Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

Simple, classic and lovely cake design. Nice table setup in Bargetto’s courtyard. Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

Lots of fun kid photos. They’re always warming up the dance floor before the adults. Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

Some special first dance moments – b&g, father/daughter, mother/son. Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

A beautiful Soquel evening.  Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

Who invited the Scot? Looking fine, good sir.  Bargetto Winery Wedding Photos

Congratulations Tiia and Justin, thanks for choosing GoodEye for your big day!

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