Jen + Steve (Wedding Photography) @ Eagle Ridge, Gilroy, California

Last time I saw Jen and Steve was when they met me for their Capitola Beach engagement session. They were a lot of fun that day, so I was looking forward to their Eagle Ridge wedding in their hometown of Gilroy! My associate Sam Fontejon and I met at Jen’s house that morning, along with two lovely videographers Aubrea Felch and Alex Wong. It was a media circus, but we all managed to capture our stills and video without too much crossing of streams. I then sent Sam off to hang out with Steve and the groomsmen. Scroll down for the highlight of the day, or click over to to view/order all 1,000+ photos.

The rings weren’t available, but I did my best to shoot all the other details when I first arrived. I find that’s the best time, especially if most of the ladies haven’t had their makeup done yet!

The atmosphere was fun and lively, and the beverages were flowing (to ease the tension of course!).

Some hairstylist kung fu, and the bride gets strapped in! Bride Getting Ready in the Suite - Eagle Ridge Wedding Photos

We’re at Eagle Ridge now – the bride and groom are absconded to their respective suites across the hall from one another to finish getting ready.  Jen looks stunning in her dress and veil. Steve is also dressed to impress. Bridal Party Portraits - Eagle Ridge Wedding Photos

I arrange the guys in classic goose formation. I just made that up but it makes sense in my brain. These pre-ceremony bridal party formals were shot on the back patio of Eagle Ridge / Wedgewood where you can see the golf course in the background. Ceremony - Eagle Ridge Wedding Photos

Jen is escorted down the outdoor aisle by her proud papa. Steve’s eyes are tearing up seeing Jen in her dress for the first time. Ceremony at Sunset - Eagle Ridge Wedding Photos

A brief, but beautiful ceremony ends with a romantic kiss.  Bridal Party Formals - Eagle Ridge Wedding Photos

Some wild turkeys try to get up in our stuff. So I shot them. With my camera. We proceeded with the formal bridal party portraits, sprinkled with a little Coors Light for effect. Bride and Groom Portraits - Eagle Ridge Wedding Photos

Steve’s Chevelle made for an excellent prop for these bride and groom portraits. The reflection shot is money. Bride and Groom Portraits - Eagle Ridge Wedding Photos

The veil over the groom’s head can be cheesy, but you have to remember, just because you’ve done it a thousand times, it’s their first time, and therefore totally appropriate (if not original). Also, some cute decorations.

Well-lit indoor candid portraits – my specialty. Toasts and First Dance - Eagle Ridge Wedding Photos

Beautiful toasts merge into the first dance. 

I adore Steve’s mom’s face – she’s bursting with pride. Rings and Details - Eagle Ridge Wedding Photos

Some cool detail shots, and I get to photograph the rings finally. The pink/blue shot is one of the decorative led wall lights, and my second shooter Sam came up with the idea. I told him it wouldn’t work, but he tried anyway. So I tried. And wouldn’t you know it – pretty cool! Two brains are usually better than one 🙂 Dancing - Eagle Ridge Wedding Photos

Some epic dancing before an end to the perfect day. Hope you enjoyed my photos.


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