Capitola Surprise Proposal on the Beach

Steve contacted me, saying he was going to propose to his girlfriend on the beach and wanted me to capture it –so cool! I suggested Capitola beach and suggested other details, down to which way he should face and the very spot to do it. There was only one chance to do it, no do-overs! The pretense was that they were going to go paddle boarding (they lugged all their gear down to the beach) so she wouldn’t be suspicious. He didn’t have much time to delay before she knew something was up, so he got right to it and got down on one knee. Oh, I forgot about my part in this – since this was an open beach, I had to be inconspicuous as well. Luckily there was a cool bird hanging out at the shore, so I pretended to be a fascinated wildlife photographer right up until I saw Steve initiate operation proposal out of the corner of my eye. At that point her focus was all on him, and I was free to transition into paparazzi mode. They were both all smiles of course, and after I went over and introduced myself, I brought out my lighting equipment (which I’d sequestered under the wharf in the shadows) and we took a few more formal portraits around the beach and under the wharf. Congratulations guys, and thanks for entrusting this special moment to G0odEye!

Capitola Proposal photos on the beach Capitola Proposal photos on the beach Capitola Proposal photos on the beach

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