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I know head shots are not something most people look forward to. That’s why I make the process super-quick, easy and fun. If I can’t get a great shot of you in the first 3 minutes of shooting, then I’ve failed miserably. Howard’s main concern was not having a good place to shoot – his office is in an industrial part of Santa Cruz, and from his perspective there was no place that had a “good background.” I assured him over our back and forth emails that there is always a creative solution, no matter what, and so he trusted me. Being an “on-location” photographer (as opposed to working primarily inside a studio), I’m used to being a creative problem solver. I don’t spend a ton of time scouting out locations or stressing about the weather being perfect or any of that nonsense. Being able to do what I do over and over again, no matter the circumstances, has given me confidence in my mantra that there’s “always  a way” – and you know what? It’s this kind of Johnny-on-the-spot creative problem-solving that makes me a better photographer. My gears have to always be turning, I can’t get lazy and fall back to doing the same ol’ thing every time – like I would if I had a “standard setup” in a “standard studio.”

Anyways, back to Howard and today’s shoot. Going into it, I knew it might rain, so I was pretty much assuming we’d have to do it inside somewhere. Most offices have a conference room or some space that I can convert into a mini studio. Basically I need a few square feet of plain wall space to work with. But when I showed up and introduced myself, I could tell right away that the indoor thing was not going to happen – at least not without a serious effort of moving stuff around. So I did a quick walk around of the grounds. I found a cool spot outside the building next door, and so I promptly set up my lighting equipment – since it was overcast I had one gridded speed light to spotlight the wall of the building, and my primary soft box about 30′ away, which is where I’d place my subject. Then a few droplets started falling…

I ran-trotted back to the office and got Howard, who was wearing a nice suit-jacket and tie. I tell him where I’ve set up, and we start walking there. The drops start fulling in quicker succession. Gulp. I’m thinking to myself, I can clone out the rain spots on him… We get there, I hurriedly snap off a few shots, and it starts raining harder. Dang it. Plan B – which I’m quickly working out as we whisk back to the office. He heads indoors, I go inside the roll-up garage area. Then inspiration strikes… I go get Howard and tell him I want him to stand just inside of the garage, facing the dark interior. He looks at me like I’m crazy – “You mean that office building and those cars and parking lot will make a good background?” he remarks. Well, no, they wouldn’t, but I’d drop my aperture down to 3.2, and step back far enough from him while shooting so I could get that nice background compression out of my trusty 70-200mm lens. Setting the lights and camera up to add just enough drama to the portrait, and we’ve got a portrait any CEO would be happy with. You’d never know we were shooting in a dirty garage, that it was raining outside, and that the background was about as terrible as any could be. Cool, right?

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Santa Cruz Business Portrait / Headshot - Howard Santa Cruz Business Portrait / Headshot - Howard


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