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Magazine Cover (Before / After: v10 i07)

People keep asking me “Did you really take that photo,” or, “Did you photoshop that pictureView full post »


Magazine Cover (Before / After: v10 i06)

What to do when the Sea Otter Classic people don’t have any good press images to use on the cover of yourView full post »


Magazine Cover (Before / After)

If you’ll recall from my last cover, it’s good to envision the the final product of the mag – theView full post »


Tips for Magazine Cover Photography (Design + Photography)

I’m lucky enough to be in a position where I can both photograph and design magazine covers, but in the realView full post »


Co-Branded Movie Slide (Design)

It’s nice that movie slides are (for the most part) digital these days. It makes it easier to update withoutView full post »


Who Doesn’t Love Leo DiCaprio (The Wave Magazine Cover)

I designed this cover with a movie still provided by Paramount Pictures. The “spa girl” was from aView full post »


New Year’s Issue (The Wave Magazine Cover)

Alas, I can’t always shoot every cover for the magazine, especially when I’m designing the cover the sameView full post »


Busy Photo on a Magazine Cover (Design Solution)

So I didn’t happen to take this issue’s photo, but it was the strongest image I had to pick from ofView full post »

Thanksgiving Dinner at Arcadia

Thanksgiving, Deconstructed (Food)

I met up with my buddy Daniel Patino today, the Executive Chef at Downtown San Jose’s Arcadia (in the MarriottView full post »


Poochie Woochie Hotel (New Business)

Jo Abbie, Heather Driscoll and I met up with Robin Tomb, the owner of the new Pooch Hotel in Sunnyvale. She generouslyView full post »


Burritozilla 1. Nick Veronin 0.

Went to Iguana’s in downtown San Jose to watch Mitchell’s friend Nick attempt to master the 5+ poundView full post »


Watercourse Way Fashion Shoot

Many thanks to everyone involved in this last-minute Wave Magazine cover photo shoot! Dorian at Watercourse Way BathView full post »


Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, Junior Featherweight Boxer

OK, so I probably outweigh this guy by at least 50lbs, but if we were in a ring together, I’d last as long as itView full post »


Almaden Quicksilver County Park, A Photo Essay

My Wave Magazine coworker Mitchell Alan Parker and I took a half day break from cubicle-land to “research”View full post »


San Jose from High

When location scouting for a place to shoot the cover of The Wave Magazine for the  “Downtown San JoseView full post »