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Scotts Valley Home (Real Estate Photography)

I don’t shoot a lot of real estate photography. Ok, well I shot this beach house recently. And of course thisView full post »


PotD (Photo of the Day) – HDR Ferrari

PotD: 2010.10.12 Date Taken: 2010.02.11 Photo Specs: Nikon D3 + 28-70/2.8 lens @ 30mm, f/7.1,  ISO 200, no flash,View full post »


Bonny Doon Residence (Real Estate)

My parents-in-law are selling their lovely property they’ve raised their kids in – it’s about 30View full post »


Baklava (New Restaurant)

Newly opened in Palo Alto, right off University Ave., Baklava is a welcoming, open sidewalk/patio MediterraneanView full post »


John Bentley’s (Food + Interiors)

I met with John Bentley at his newest self-named restaurant location in Redwood City to take some professional photosView full post »


Morton’s Steakhouse San Francisco (Interiors)

The CEO loved my Morton’s San Jose photos so much, corporate immediately booked my services for the San FranciscoView full post »


Blue Rock BBQ (Interiors)

Owen and Marie Jobson have done a fantastic job with their first restaurant, Blue Rock BBQ (San Jose). The interior,View full post »


Morton’s the Steakhouse (Interiors Part II)

So round one for Morton’s was last week, this week we focused on promoting the space for weddings andView full post »


Lion and Compass (Interiors + Drinks + Food)

Lion and Compass is a really elegant restaurant in Sunnyvale, perfect for a Sunday brunch or any time you want toView full post »


Tarragon (Interiors + Food)

Tarragon is an amazing restaurant owned and managed by Dottia Bilic (and hubby) located in downtown Sunnyvale –View full post »


Faultline Brewery (Interiors + Food)

Faultline Brewery in Sunnyvale needed some new shots, so of course I was there to do what I do best – eatView full post »


Arya Global Cuisine (Food + Interiors)

Mike and Fera own Arya Global Cuisine in Cupertino – it’s a beautiful space off El Camino Real. TheyView full post »


Morton’s the Steakhouse (Interiors Part I)

So I definitely was not prepared for the number of interior photos I’d be shooting for Morton’s theView full post »


Medallion Steakhouse (Interiors + Food)

I had a quick shoot today with Lee Duvall’s Medallion Steakhouse in Burlingame. She wanted some interiors of theView full post »


Junnoon (New Lounge, Cocktails)

I shot Junnoon in 2008 a couple times. The first time was overall coverage of the place, my typicalView full post »


MacArthur Park Restaurant (Food)

So, yesterday I shot some interiors for Faz at MacArthur Park Restaurant in Palo Alto, and they liked the photos soView full post »


MacArthur Park Restaurant (Interiors)

Nestled near the train station at the end of University Ave. in Palo Alto, MacArthur Park is a hidden gem among manyView full post »


Manresa, Los Gatos (Interiors)

David Kinch’s Manresa is a Los Gatos fine dining icon; anyone who calls themselves a “foodie” in theView full post »


The 26 Million Dollar House (architecture)

Nestled on 28 acres of extremely private property in Portola Valley is a living relic from the roaring ’20s, andView full post »


Kaama Ambiance (Architecture Photography)

I always have a tough time shooting the interiors of really dark places – not that’s it’s a technicalView full post »


Beautifull! New Restaurant (Exteriors/Interiors)

After opening their first San Francisco restaurant in 2009 (see photos here), Beautifull! wasted no time in openingView full post »


La Choza Day Spa (Interiors)

Angelica McCoy, owner of La Choza Day Spa in San Jose, needed some new interior photos taken for her spa’sView full post »


Pool Hall, Cue Ball (California Billiards)

Shot down this morning to California Billiard Club near El Camino Real and Highway 85 in Mountain View. This place isView full post »

Glowing Details (The Refuge)

The shot above is a 7-exposure HDR blend, taken just after sunset. The sign says it all: Pastrami & Belgian Beer.View full post »