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Panther Beach Elopement Photos - Sandi and Andrei - Photos by Bay Area Wedding Photographer Chris Schmauch

Sandi and Andrei (Elopement Photography) @ Panther Beach, Santa Cruz, California

I met Sandi and Andrei in the parking lot of the Westside Santa Cruz Safeway along with the rest of their families.View full post »

La Selva Beach Elopement / Small Wedding Photography - by Bay Area Wedding Photographer Chris Schmauch

Donna and Buz (Elopement Photography) @ La Selva Beach, California

La Selva Beach is a hidden gem along the Monterey coast, and the locals would prefer to keep it that way. There livesView full post »

Old Monterey Inn - Lover's Point - Elopement Photos - Nikki and Glenn

Nikki and Glenn (Elopement Photography) @ Old Monterey Inn / Lover’s Point, Monterey, California

Oh elopements, how I love thee – you are a quick and intimate ceremony and about two hours of mellow shooting with twoView full post »

Carmel Elopement Wedding Photos

Konstantin + Yevgeniya (Elopement Photography) @ Wedding Rock, Carmel

I met this lovely couple for the first time on their wedding/elopement day; we found each other in the small parkingView full post »

Wedding Rock - Carmel elopement photos

Kelly + Nat (Elopement Photography) @ Wedding Rock, Carmel

Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding knows it can be simply shocking how expensive everything is. Even theView full post »


Katrina + Barry (Elopement Photography) @ Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, Felton, California

You know it’s a small wedding when you, the photographer, are an official witness on the paperwork. Yup, it wasView full post »